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Streamlabs OBS - The Complete Guide!

10 Views· 01/10/22
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Streamlabs OBS - The Complete Guide!

This is a beginning to end guide to using Streamlabs OBS.

I show you how to customize and configure the user interface, Setup to stream or record, create scenes, add videos and overlays, add multiple cameras, use a green screen, add event alerts and chat widgets and so much more.

Streamlabs OBS: https://streamlabs.com/editor?....promo=michaelfeyrerj

0:00 Intro
0:52 Breakdown
1:54 Stream Setup
4:42 Customize the user Interface
6:22 Setup a Scene
7:34 Add a Media Source
8:08 Add an overlay
9:03 Use the text tools
11:31 Add transitions
12:15 Audio Settings
13:17 Using Widgets
19:51 Organize Sources
20:41 Add multiple Cameras
22:52 Add screen shares, displays and games
25:18 Add a green Screen
28:15 Recording, Troubleshooting issues, Scheduling, Hotkeys, and other cool features!
32:26 Chatbot and donation setup

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Thanks For watching!

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