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Swiping Resin Over Stonecoat Base Tint/How Much Do You Use to Attain & Retain Cells

10 Views· 07/22/21

In this video im trying to find out how much of the base tint is really needed to achieve cells and keep them. Most times we are heavy handed with colorants and in this case it not only is not needed but it can affect the final outcome of our painting. Ever make a painting using this product? Did you get amazing results but then it kind of all went away? Well that happens from over adding the base tints. Less is most definitely more in this case. I had 1/2 ounce of resin and used what I would say was a spot the diameter of a pea. It seemed to work. Now I know if I have 1 ounce of resin I will just double the amount I use.

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