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Puto ni Papa: The Best Puto in Town! (Manila, Philippines)

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Aryel Narvasa
Aryel Narvasa
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blog: PUTO NI PAPA: The Best Puto in Town!

PUTO NI PAPA: The Best Puto in Town! @GawadKalingaHQ

Puto ni Papa is not your ordinary puto. Those small ones in the local markets are incomparable.

Puto ni Papa is a brand founded and developed at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. The founder, Rem Salunoy (or Papa Rem), is a graduate of the SEED (School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development) program by GK.

Armed with a recipe passed on to him by his grandmother, Papa Rem has turned this native delicacy into something greater.

GK Enchanted Farm, Angat, Bulacan
Mobile: +63 915 687-7831
Facebook: GK Enchanted Farm
Website: http://gk1world.com/gk-enchanted-farm

Puto ni Papa is much larger than your average puto. It may look large and feel heavy, but take a bite, and you'll notice that it's still light and airy.

Rem founded Puto ni Papa together with two of his friends from Gawad Kalinga. He also mentioned that the recipe for his puto was passed on to him by his grandmother. The great thing about this brand is you can tell how passionate they are about their product.

It's just not about selling and making a profit, it's about helping their families and community along the way.

Puto ni Papa sources their main ingredient – rice – from small-scale farmers in the surrounding areas of GK Enchanted Farm.

They firmly believe in sustainability – both for the environment and for the community.

Even the packaging is well-thought out! I like that they used banana leaves instead of plastic – less non-bio degradable waste for Mother Earth.

We were able to try the cheese variant, and we have to say, it is definitely the best puto we have tried. The generous melted cheese and the light base were a perfect match. Just two pieces will make you feel full already.

A pack of 10 costs 200-250 pesos depending on the flavor. Their current offerings are Ube, Salted Egg, Peanut Butter, Cheese, and Chocolate.

GK Enchanted Farm, Angat, Bulacan
Mobile: +63 915 687-7831

You have to pre-order in advance when you go to GK Enchanted Farm.
Orders accepted through SMS.

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